Thursday, January 31, 2013

a close call

Going to be honest here... I really am not expecting anyone to read my blog anymore.  I haven't kept it up and it's been probably 2 years since I posted, before the last couple ones.  I have recently been feeling like I need to be better about keeping a journal for my family, while we raise our young family.  So, the posts that I am doing now probably aren't very interesting to anyone else but I need  a place to record some thoughts and exciting events, with pictures- so this is the place!

A couple weeks ago, after the older kids had left for school, I was doing my normal routine- picking up, doing breakfast dishes, straightening bedrooms, etc.  I was in the dining room doing something at the table and I put whatever I was doing down and walked into Carter's room.  I made his bed and was folding a blanket when I happened to look down on the floor, under his window.  There was no sound or smell to make me look there, but when I looked down, I saw a spark and his stuffed dog ignited into flames.  That thing went up into flames so quickly, it was shocking.  I immediately dropped to my knees and started hitting the flames down with my hand.  It took a couple seconds- but I was able to put the fire out.

After putting out the fire, I was able to look a little closer and see that his fan, (it was a really small one because his normal one had died and we hadn't replaced it yet) had fallen from it's spot on the window seal and had fallen directly onto his dog.  For some reason, that let off a spark that ignited the dog.  Obviously it was highly flammable because it took less than 1 second for the spark to be a full on fire with flames.  Once I unplugged the fan and looked at the back, it was obvious what had caused the spark.  The cord was coming loose from the actual fan and there were wires exposed.  It looks like when it dropped, the cord pulled from the fan and made a spark. 

As I thought more about this event throughout the day, I was brought to tears.  How did I just happen to be in Carter's room at that exact moment?  Not even his room, but standing right next to his stuffed dog.  What if this would have happened 2 hours earlier, while he was sleeping, less that 3 feet away from the fan?  What if it would have been an hour later and there was no one home?  My heart was overcome with thanks and gratitude.  I know exactly why I was standing in that place, at that time... because my Heavenly Father was watching out for my boy that day.  He used the Holy Ghost to prompt me to drop what I was doing and go into Carter's room.  I am so thankful that I was listening.  That I was quiet enough to hear that gentle prompting and follow it.  If I hadn't- the consequences could have been disastrous.

I wanted to record this event so that someday Carter will be able to read about what happened and feel the love his Heavenly Father has for him.  So that he will know that he is a son of a Father, who knows his name and knows him personally.  And that he will know how thankful his mama is that someone, other than her, is watching out for him every day.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


This boy turned 10 this month.  
And he got braces!

Hard to believe this boy is 10 and that I've been a mother for that many years.  I still remember the day he was born, like it was just yesterday.  Such happy memories!

 Avery at dessert, imitating her cousin Max and flexing her muscles.  

 Avery sitting with Tyler and enjoying a cookie in his class.

For breakfast, he requested crepes.  After breakfast and some presents, he hurried off to school.  Carter, Avery and I snuck him away for lunch.  He wanted pizza so we went to Amici's.  We dropped him back off and then brought homemade snickerdoodles into his class and the sang to him.  I wasn't sure he would want me to come this year- but he did and I will go as long as he wants me!  He played with his gifts after school (a new airsoft rifle, some ammo and goggles, model airplane and Nerf flag football game) and then we headed out to dinner with the crew.  We went to Mel's Diner.  Jake had a basketball game at 7:30 and then we met all the Edmonds family at Fenton's for dessert.  After ice cream, Andrew came over and spent the night.  The next morning, Aaron took them to donuts and then all 3 boys had baseball try outs.  Instead of a friend party this year, Tyler is having his friend from Ontario, Trey, fly up for a visit.  He is coming this week and they are so excited to be reunited!

I sure love that big boy of mine.  I have a special place in my heart for my oldest son.  We tried so hard and so long to get him, that I have very tender feelings for him.  He is a good boy.  He can be a stinker just like the next kid- but at heart, he wants to do good and tries to do what's right.  He is smart as can be- scoring a perfect 600 on the math portion of the state testing last year, always scoring 100% on spelling tests and almost always for math and science and just won his class spelling bee and was able to compete in the school wide bee- where he was up against 4, 5 and 6th graders.  I was so proud- I cried when he spelled his first word.  That's my boy!  He is tall and BIG for his age.  He is usually at least a head taller than his friends.  He loves sports and excels at baseball.  He decided this year to be done with soccer- which broke his mama's heart.  But I have really enjoyed watching him progress and really come to love the game of baseball.  He is an outdoorsy kid- through and through.  He would much rather be outside throwing a ball or climbing a tree, than sitting inside playing video games.  He is slooooow as molasses and completely on his own time schedule- which makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes- but it's just the way he is and I don't ever want to change him.  He is so laid back- which is mostly good and sometimes not so good!  It is hard to ruffle his feathers or get him upset- he is so patient and even tempered.  

Doesn't seem possible that we have already passed that half-way mark with Tyler and he will be leaving on his mission in less time, than we have had him with us!  Wow!  I am thankful for him and know he will do great things in his life. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Today we needed to go to Costco.
I packed the kids a quick lunch, to eat while we were shopping, and loaded them up.
Avery has a little cold and wasn't feeling great, 
but she hopped in her seat with her baby doll right next to her.
Carter is way too big for the cart, but he sure thinks it's fun to sit by sister.
We shopped, talked, looked at toys and fun things for the yard and sampled yummy food.
While we were in the refrigerated section, next to the cheese, 
they both put their arms up and puckered up their lips.  
I bent my head down and got two big sloppy kisses on my face and 4 little arms around my neck.
It was delicious. 

It hit me...

someday I will be shopping in Costco and my cart will be empty.
It might be full of food and toilet paper,
but not kids.
I don't think I'm going to like that very much.

I'm sure enjoying each and every day with these little ones.
They make my life full, busy, crazy and happy.
Some days I dream of shopping at Costco alone and wonder what it would be like
to meander down the aisles, not worrying about nap times, kids fighting in the cart
 and binkies falling on the floor.

But, I will take my cart full of sweet, yummy kids, 
over an empty cart, any day!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Avery's 1st!

My sweet little princess turned one last month! Knowing this was my last 1st birthday party to throw- I wanted it to be just perfect! I love throwing a good party! I started planning months before the big day. I decided on a candy theme- and it all came together, finally. Considering my crazy life, I probably spent way too much time sewing, cutting, crafting and shopping for it, but it turned out just how I envisioned it. I love the pictures of that day. I love my little girl so much and it was the perfect party for such a SWEET baby girl!

I made about 30 of these wrapped candies and had them hanging from the back patio and draped the fabric banner between the 3 pillars. Those pillars are perfect for parties- I love them!

The candy table! (the star of the party!)
I'm usually pretty strict on candy with my kids, but I was proud of myself for just enjoying the evening and not letting it bother my that every time I looked at this table, my kids were stuffing their faces. I figure one time is okay!
A view of the food table. We had hamburgers, pasta salad, green salad, my mom's yummy baked beans, fruit salad, chips and lemonade- pink of course!
Avery got lots of rides around the yard on her birthday toy! She loves that thing! It's hilarious how she stands straight up in it and holds on to the steering wheel.
I made a little timeline of her 12 months- out of pictures and hung them on the mantle. It made me so sad looking back at those pictures. I have enjoyed every minute of having her in my life- and it's gone so, so fast.
Lots and lots of kids- all hyped up on sugar!
The birthday girl- getting lots of attention from her family. Her cousin, little Ruby, even made it for the party! I had my fingers crossed all week that Ruby could stay out of the hospital and be at Avery's party. She did it- good job Rubes!

Avery with her Auntie, Uncle Matt (he secretly LOVES her!) and Kim.
The centerpieces for the tables.
Have you seen a cuter bottom and chubby legs??
And last, but certainly not least, the birthday cake! Took her a minute to dive in, but then she had no problems getting into it.

This party was a lot of work, but I would do it again in a second for my sweet baby! I am so glad all of our dear family and friends came to help us celebrate our Avery Rose. She is as sweet as her birthday cake and I am thankful, beyond words, that she is a part of our family!! She is definitely the icing on our cake!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Day of School

School started on August 24, 2010 this year. We had a great summer together, but with a 2 month old, I was ready for school to start! Tyler was starting 2nd grade with Mrs. Morris, Jake started 1st grade with Mrs. Steele, Addie was doing Tiny Tots (MWF) and Carter was doing playgroup once a week with his 3 little friends, Troy, Gwenny and Lauren. They all were so excited for their big, highly anticipated 1st days of school! As much as I hate to send them back each fall, this year I really enjoyed getting back to my schedule and having some more one on one time with the little kids.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

field trippin' with Jake

I love going on field trips with my kids. It's so fun to see them in their "school" environment and with their friends. Plus, I love having that one on one time with them. So when Jake came home with a letter about a field trip- I was totally in! At first I didn't get "chosen" as one of the chaperones- and I was seriously bummed! But a few days later, his teacher emailed and said another parent dropped out and I could come! Yes!
We went to Lewisville Playhouse at Victoria Gardens to see the play, The Gingerbread Man. I loved riding the bus there with Jake. If you remember, he is my little boyfriend. He is constantly kissing me right on the lips, hugging me and trying to get on my lap- which is a little harder these days- he's so big! He was so sweet and affectionate the whole time- and SO thrilled that I got to go with him. In my opinion, it was the perfect field trip, short and sweet! After the play, we rode the bus back, ate lunch in the classroom and that's a wrap. Love my Jakey!
my group of kids- they were super excited when they found out I brought pretzel M&M's to snack on!

Jake with his best friend, Robert
Love my boyfriend, Jakers!

way too fast...

Avery Rose turned just turned 8 months.
I can not believe how fast the time is going.
She is perfect. Seriously- there isn't one single thing I would change
about this sweet girl.
She eat great, sleeps wonderfully, plays with her toys,
sits in one spot on a blanket, doesn't crawl (maybe my favorite!),
smiles constantly, travels like a champ and the best part...
she's a total MAMA'S GIRL! I am thankful for her every, single day.
When I think that sometimes I wanted to stop after #4-
I can't even comprehend that I would have missed out on HER.
This month:
She is sleeping 7:30 pm to 8:00 am. With 2- 2-3 hour naps.
Eat solids for breakfast and dinner- and 3-4, 6 oz bottles throughout the day
Weighs 17 pounds.
Just broke her first 2 teeth.
Sits up by herself. Rolls both way.
Copies us when we say "ha" and "da-da."
Loves to be held.
Got bronchitis/RSV this month and was on breathing treatments.
Is great in the car and when we're out running errands and driving the kids around.
Hardly cries- only when tired.
She makes our family complete.
She really is the perfect ending to our family.
These are the words that describe my Avery:
sweet, gently, soft, cuddly, beautiful, perfect, fuzzy hair, deep dark brown eyes,
always smells delicious, all mine, a gift.I love you, Avery Rose.
Thank you for coming to our family.